Junior College

Program Offered

Junior College 1-2 (16-18 years old)
"Our Junior College students have the space to grow and find themselves in a unique and welcoming environment guided by teachers who particularly enjoy working with this dynamic age group."

School work exclusively with grade Junior College 1-2 students in their successful transition from high school to university, advising them to develop an appropriately rigorous course of study and encouraging them to pursue their non-academic interests. The Students are assisted in the university application process by school. We also have visited some university campuses and are highly regarded in the university admissions community..

International Curriculum

Cambridge Upper Secondary  14 – 16 years*
– A wide choice of subjects at:
  • Cambridge IGCSE (70+ subjects)
  • Cambridge O Level (40+ subjects)
– Cambridge ICE Certificate


Cambridge Advanced  16 – 19 years*
– A wide choice of subjects at:
  • Cambridge International AS & A Level (55+ subjects)
  • Cambridge Pre-U (20+ subjects)
– Cambridge AICE Diploma
– Cambridge IPQ

We also provide National Examination (Paket C-SMA) for our Junior College students. So they will graduate from our school with 2 certificates. You can check University recognition for our qualification to: http://recognition.cambridgeinternational.org

Thousands of learners worldwide gain places at leading universities every year with Cambridge International AS & A Levels. The syllabuses develop a deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills. Learners can choose from a range of assessment options, including Cambridge International AS Level qualifications alone, or as part of a progression to Cambridge International A Level. Thousands of learners gain places at leading universities around the world with Cambridge International AS & A Levels every year. They are a passport to success.

Major Subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, Chinese
Minor Subjects: Religion, Character Building, Social Studies, ICT, Art and Craft, Bahasa Indonesia, Sport, Civics

School Examinations :  National Examinations (UNBK), Cambridge Checkpoint and IGCSE or O Level

School Times
Students come to school every Monday to Friday
Assembly/Morning Reading/Gym
Regular Lessons

Academic Club
Personal Development : Field Trip, Leadership Training, International and National Day Celebration, Religious Day Celebration, Workshop
Academic Support
Program is made for students who have academic difficulties, which will affect their motivation and perception of themselves as learners. If needed, the teacher will also assist students with their academic work by helping them with assignments, re-teaching basic language, and math skills, and conferring on topics to be discussed in class. This program is offered after school on Monday-Friday from 14.20-16.00.
Table Tennis
Academic Club