Program Primary


"Primary Qualification is a place where the foundation of learning takes hold, and where we have the rewarding job of fostering and challenging students to maintain their curiosity and creativity while extending their self-confidence and self-advocacy."

Program Offered

Primary - Grade 1-6 (6-12 years old)

Program Primary

From the earliest grades, Great Crystal’s students are active learners: students learn to analyze and question across subject areas, and learn to express themselves in writing, presentations, and discussions. They understand where they are in their learning journey, what their learning targets are, and what it will take for them to reach the next steps. Our students take risks and learn from failure in a community of acceptance, preparing them to meet and surmount high academic standards.

Curriculum Cambridge Primary 5 to 11 years
• English (1st and 2nd language)
• Mathematics
• Science
• Cambridge Global Perspectives

Curriculum Lower Secondary 11 to 14 years
• English (1st and 2nd language)
• Mathematics
• Science
• Cambridge Global Perspectives

Cambridge Primary is an international education programme. typically for young learners aged 5 to 11 years and is used in primary schools around the world. It develops young learners who are confident, responsible, reflective. innovative and engaged.

Major Subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, Chinese
Minor Subjects: Religion, Character Building, Social Studies, ICT, Art and Craft, Bahasa Indonesia, Sport, Civics

School Examinations : National Examinations (USBN) and Cambridge Checkpoint

School Times
Students come to school every Monday to Friday
Assembly/Morning Reading/Gym
Regular Lessons

Academic Club
Personal Development : Field Trip, Leadership Training, International and National Day Celebration, Religious Day Celebration, Workshop
Academic Support
Program is made for students who have academic difficulties, which will affect their motivation and perception of themselves as learners. If needed, the teacher will also assist students with their academic work by helping them with assignments, re-teaching basic language, and math skills, and conferring on topics to be discussed in class. This program is offered after school on Monday-Friday from 14.20-16.00.