What is Great Fair 2024?

Great Fair is the largest annual festival organized to bring the community together through inspirational, educational, and entertaining activities. As an event that many people look forward to, Great Fair aims to be a place where creativity, innovation, and togetherness can grow and flourish. Great Fair is held with the main purpose of promoting local […]
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Experiential Learning

🔥👩‍🚒✨ Siswa Great Crystal School and Course Center Mengikuti Kegiatan  di Pemadam Kebakaran Kota Surabaya! ✨👨‍🚒🔥 Hari ini, siswa-siswi kami mendapatkan pengalaman berharga saat berkunjung ke Pemadam Kebakaran Kota Surabaya. Mereka belajar langsung dari para pahlawan kota tentang pentingnya keselamatan dan respons cepat dalam menghadapi kebakaran. 🚒🏢 Kegiatan ini tidak hanya menambah wawasan mereka, tetapi […]
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  Get ready for an amazing educational adventure! Great Crystal School and Course Center will hold a Learning Carnival with various exciting and educational competitions. The competitions are : 1. Mom and Kid Rally Competition 2. Children’s Bicycle Race 3. English Spelling Bee 4. Singing Competition   Register now and get a chance to win/be […]
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